6 golden rules by Mahesh amid corona virus crisis

Super Star Mahesh Babu today urged all the people to follow six golden rules to follow in this crisis situation. These are the instructions given by State and Central governments and these are very important. Before this, Mahesh Babu has wished a happy and home bound Ugadi.

Here are the six rules Mahesh Babu has tweeted.

1. Don’t step out of your house unless and until it is very urgent.

2. Keep washing your hands on a constant basis atleast for about 20 seconds.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

4. When to sneeze or cough, use your elbow as guard or a tissue.

5. Follow social distancing even when you are at your home or outside. Minimum 3 meter distance is the need of the hour.

6. Wear mask only if you have fallen sick or having symptoms. Don’t hesitate to consult doctor even if there are mild symptoms.

These rules will mostly make up to come across this crisis situation we are facing now.

Hope we are going to come out of this very soon.

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