Who Will Do This If Not Samantha?

These are the days where some star heroines are demanding mineral water even if they have to wash their hands during outdoor shootings. Of course, that is skin care. But which heroine is likely to defy all those luxuries for the sake of a role?

Forget about anyone, but Samantha’s name stands tall in such situations. And the visuals from the lyrical song of Rangasthalam stand as an evidence that speaks volumes about her commitment to the character she portrays. In the role of Rama Lakshmi, a village belle of the 80s, our Akkineni Kodalu just sprang a huge wonder.

If not Samantha, who could do such feats like walking on the roads with a bundle of sugarcane sticks on the head? If not her, who would dare to stand in the muddy waters of a lake and give a bath to a buffalo? Wearing long braided hair with a ribbon at the end, building mud walls and walking barefoot, she simply mesmerised us in the role of Ram Charan’s lady love in this Sukumar directorial.

Definitely, it takes guts and confidence to accept such challenging roles these days. Anyone would impress in mini clothes and glam avatars, but even in a de-glam role, she’s too hot to resist. Kudos Sam!

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