Who’s more popular: Ramulamma or Revanth?

Glamorous actress of Tollywood in yesteryears-turned-politician Vijayashanti came out of her political hibernation very recently to take active part in the Congress party politics on the eve of the assembly elections in Telangana.

The Congress high command, too, has felt that Vijayashanti is going to play a crucial role in the party’s campaign. Moreover, she declared that she would not contest the coming elections and so, the party leadership thought of her filmy popularity to attract voters. That is why the high command made Vijayashanti as the star campaigner.

Interestingly, the party cadre is not interested in accepting Vijayashanti as the star attraction for the party. Reason: she had not been very active in the party in the last four years and the people have almost forgotten her. She is no more glamorous either in her appearance or her speeches.

In an internal survey conducted by the Congress party on Vijayashanti’s role as the star campaigner for the party in the elections, it is learnt Vijayashanti had got very poor rating. A vast majority of the party leaders and cadre felt that it would be better to make former Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy as the leading campaigner of the party, rather than Vijayashanti.

While the rpesent day youth have no connection with Vijayashanti, they are more connected t Revanth Reddy. She lacks the kind of political punches that can be delivered by Revanth. Moreover, her Andhra accent does not go down well with the people, say the Congress party workers.

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