What’s The Problem With Sunil!

Once upon a time in Tollywood, there was no big Telugu film without him. His presence was so robust that even star heroes used to get scared of this guy’s comedy timing. Yes, he is none other than Sunil.

After becoming a leading actor, Sunil’s choice of films have hit him hard and finally, there is no film in his hand to star as the front man. And now, he is willing to play comedian roles yet again, but actually, opportunities are running far from him. Wonder why? Here is what the film industry says.

On one side, Sunil is not being offered proper roles that match his caliber as a comedian. On the other hand, he is said to be demanding little more remneration for which many producers are not willing. A third thing is that still he is struck with that hero image and unable to choose good characters.

Many are hoping that Trivikram should give him the break with Allu Arjun’s movie where Sunil is likely to play a bigger role.

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April 16, 2019