Viral: Here Is How AP Farmer Using Sunny’s Bikini Poster

In a strange incident, a farmer in Andhra Pradesh has placed a huge poster of bikini-clad Sunny Leone in his field of vegetable crop, and the reason he tells, makes it even more interesting. The 45-year-old farmer said that he had placed Sunny Leone’s poster in his field so as to keep his crop safe from ‘evil eye’.

“This year, I have a good crop, which is attracting unnecessary attention of fellow villagers and passersby. Fearing the loss from their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up a big poster of Sunny Leone, and the idea has worked. Now, no one looks at my field as the poster attracts all the attention,” he said.

‘Who would look at my crop when Sunny Leone strikes a sultry pose in a red bikini on a huge poster,” he reportedly elaborated his intention behind putting up Sunny’s poster.

It’s quite common in villages to use straw-filled scarecrows, ‘dishti bommalu, demons drawn on a metal plate or a pumpkin etc. to ward off evil eye, but someone putting up a popular actor’s bikini-clad poster is probably a first.

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