Tollywood Celebrating Ravi Prakash’s Unceremonious Exit

Ravi Prakash, a brand in his own in journalism, had tarnished the images of many Tollywood celebrities when he was ruling the roost.

He had crossed all limits in covering certain personal episodes of celebrities and hounded them. It is said that he used to tell his journalists to target film celebrities more for TRPs.

Ratings was the main concern for him than the standards of journalism, the insiders say.

Just a year ago, it was Pawan Kalyan who exposed Ravi Prakash’s double standards.

Pawan Kalyn even posted pictures of Ravi Prakash’s personal life on social media and made a point to stress that it would hurt a celebrity if family members are dragged in.

Ravi Prakash later put a blanket ban on Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena party in TV9 channel. No news (good or bad) were covered during the polls about Jana Sena. Who had last laugh now?

Ravi Prakash made a critic into celebrity by giving full coverage to him as he had been tarnishing the image of Pawan Kalyan and his fans day in day out. Later he also “accommodated” the said critic in his other news channel as a thanksgiving gesture.

When Trisha’s bathroom clip was leaked, it was TV9 that did telecast for hours.

Hero Nagarjuna also made hue and cry when his image was destroyed by the channel in Annapurna Studios expansion drive.

When Megastar Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija ran away with her boyfriend to get married, TV9 carried the news for two days continuously and made it a national issue.

During the Telangana government’s drive against drugs, Ravi Praskash’s team hounded several celebrities like Charmy, Puri and Ravi Teja, as if they were going to be arrested in the case.

No celebrity was proven guilty in the cast but Ravi Prakash made them as such with his news coverage.

No celebrity worries about regular gossips such as love affairs as they are part and parcel of celebrities lives but they get offended when wrongfully tarnish their image. That is what Ravi Prakash did on many occasions.

This is reason why Tollywood celebrities are rejoicing his unceremonious exit from the TV9 that he himself made a formidable force.

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