Tholiprema Contest: Anything For Publicity?

For the sake of a movie, one can say anything and can project their characters do anything. But in reality, one needs to stop and think what exactly they are doing. Right now some films just find whatever they are doing is simply right and sadly it is Varun Tej’s happening flick “Tholiprema” that is indulging in such stuff.

Generally, we don’t look downside of our creativity, like we encourage racism from the roots by advertising more about fairness creams and by spreading an ideology that people with fair skin get better chances in love, life and anything. Now, Tholiprema makers have announced a contest to attract audiences by asking people to upload their videos in case if their first love is their life partner.

While this sounds good for those people who really got married to their first love, isn’t it a bit bad to the ones who broke from a relation and got married to someone else? To justify the title, again and again, it is sad to see ‘Tholiprema’ getting glorified this way. That makes the contest look like anything done for publicity. Love is love, whether it is first love or 23rd love, as long as both partners trust, believe and respect each other.

With the title Tholiprema just pulling youths and college-going audiences to theatres, it seems like makers have come up with this contest to attract family audiences now. But for many lovers who broke a couple of times from a relation and finally married to another loved one, this isn’t digesting. Tholi Prema is Pawan’s biggest hit, but that cannot be applied to his own life, isn’t it? So Varun’s Tholiprema makers should understand reel life should be limited to reel only.

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