TDP Lovers Vs YSR Fans: Social Media Exploding

Already reports about YSR biopic ‘Yaatra’ are coming out on social media with viewers sharing their first show experiences. What is shocking at this moment is that already netizens have got split into Telugudesam party lovers and YSR fans, to fight among themselves.

Apparently ‘Yaatra’ shows TDP and Congress high-command in a bad light, giving a message that only YSR has done the right things for the audience. And they have used some real voices of Chandrababu Naidu from ‘note for vote’ scam too. All this didn’t go well with fans of TDP who took to social media to ridicule the film.

TDP fans are busy spreading the word that Yaatra looks like a Sakshi TV special program on YSR, which they air on his Jayanthi. And retorting to this, now YSR fans are ridiculing NTR biopic big way. They are saying that even the Balayya starrer is like a special program on NTR aired by ABN.

With NTR biopic available on Amazon Prime now, they are also getting few snapshots of it to troll. Let’s see where this social media explosion ends finally.

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