TDP Leader Varla Ramaiah Demands Arrest Of Minister Kodali Nani

Watch TDP Leader Varla Ramaiah Demands Arrest Of Minister Kodali Nani

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Suresh’s USA Trips Behind Venky Mama’s Excess Budget

December 5, 2019

What was thought as a 30 crore budgeted film is said to have now turned into a 50 crore budget movie, which has very fewer chances to recover its total budget unless until it turns out a blockbuster at the box office. Venky and Chay’s upcoming ‘Venky Mama’ is the film we are talking about.

Reports have earlier come out that the film’s budget has shot up to 50 crores, a number that Suresh Babu never shows interest. While the producer planned it as a 25-30 crores budget movie, director KS Ravindra’s special love to shoot ‘Military Naidu’ scenes in Kashmir and other places in snow-capped mountains and glaciers are said to have costed hugely. But there is another reason that led to budget shooting up, they say.

During the filming of ‘Venky Mama’, Suresh constantly traveled to the USA to take care of Rana Daggubati’s stay there. This led to another production house managing the film’s day to day shooting affairs. Inexperience led to shooting delays, resulting in more expenditure. Had Suresh not gone to the USA, these expenses would have not shot up, a source commented.

Anyway, if ‘Venky Mama’ could easily get a cool 30-40 crores share from the box office, the rest budget will be recovered through selling satellite and digital rights. With hardly a week left for strong promotions, we have to see how Venky, Chay would pull a mega feat.