Suriya’s Father Loses His Control Once Again

Celebrities often get irritated when they get mobbed by fans in any event. While some of them patiently hold a talk with the fans and click some pictures with them, few others just manhandle everyone who comes in their way. Balakrishna is well known for making such acts.

The actor was caught manhandling a few people publicly in a few instances. In Tamil Nadu, it is actor Suriya’s father and former actor Siva Kumar, who seems to get irritated when someone tries to click a picture with him. A few months back, he threw the mobile of a person who tried to capture a pic with him.

That clip went viral on social media and many people lashed out on the veteran actor for such harsh behavior. Recently, he was caught in a similar act in a recently held marriage event. A fan tried to click a selfie with him and he once again slapped the phone instantly. Now, this clip is circling around the internet and we have to see how he responds on the issue.

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