Super Star’s Bigg Boss remuneration Rs 200 crores?

Hindi reality show Bigg Boss season 13 has become most controversial of all seasons and reports suggest that actor-host Salman Khan is being paid a whopping Rs 6.5 crore for each episode. And the team has decided to apparently increase 2 more crores which becomes a total of 8 huge crores per episode.

Which means, the superstar will make a total of more than Rs 200 crore for the whole season. The season is all set to end in January 2020 and the days have been extended for five more weeks with a finale in February. Therefore, thee tended time is overall making Salman’s budget to Rs200 crore by the end of the show.

The producers have decided to pay two more extra crores for Salman Khan in order to make him stay as a hot for the whole season. Earlier, news were on rife that the actor have decided to stop hosting for the season midway as he is busy with film projects and also a few instances in the house have irked him.

With Dabanng 3 and Raadhe shootings, Salman is having a tight schedule in the coming months. Due to which, the colours channel have decided to pay extra with paycheque more zeros at the tail. Earlier, it was reported that whenever Salman refuses to come back as a ghost, he is persuaded to stay with a hike in remuneration. Right from season 4 till the present 13th season, Salman’s remuneration has kept increasing and currently, the superstar takes Rs 13 crore per week.

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