Sunil’s Reaction On ‘Sunil No More’ Youtube Video

A piece of hoax news is not new and earlier many celebrities including the likes of Amitabh Bachchan are troubled with false news about death. In Telugu, we have such situation with comedian Venu Madhav who has come out in the open to say that he is very much alive.

Most recently a YouTube channel has come up with a video where they stated that comedian Sunil is no more. As the actor is not being seen in films and many thought that it is indeed true. Perhaps that is the reason that video clocked almost a million views. So what is Sunil’s take on this?

“Actually I’ve filed a police complaint on that channel. And that YouTube guy has met me and said sorry. I thought that if I pursued the case further, then that guy’s career will be finished. I’m a comedian who will make people smile, but not shed tears” says Sunil, when quizzed about this.

Currently enjoying his comeback to films as a comedian as his Chitralahari got released last week, Sunil is looking forward to join Allu Arjun and Trivikram very soon.

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