Summer Talk: One Fun Movie Please!

In every holidays season like Sankranthi, Summer and Dasara, usually, family audiences look forward to watching some full-on fun entertainers no matter what other films they are supplied with. That’s the reason some routine masala movies usually make it very big at the box office.

Cut to the present Summer season, successful film Majili is a romantic drama, while Jersey is an emotional melodrama and other day release Maharshi is a message oriented socio-political film. What about some pure fun like F2? Will audiences get to see a film that will give them comic relief?

In the coming days we have movies like ABCD, Sita, Arjun Suravaram, NGK and Abhinetri hitting the cinemas. Looks like every one of them has a unique concept, but not completely comedy. But if any of them hits the bullseye with their fun, then surely it is going to be a surprise winner this summer.

On the other hand, Majili might end up as a movie with huge profits, while Maharshi will be getting to the border and Jersey doing good at the box office.

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