Sudheer Gaadi Intlo Deyyam – Dasara Spl Event | Sudheer,Rashmi – 8th Oct

Show/Serial:Sudheer Gaadi Intlo Deyyam
Starring:Sudheer rashmi
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Sudheer Gaadi Intlo Deyyam

Watch Sudheer Gaadi Intlo Deyyam – Dasara Spl Event | Sudheer,Rashmi – 8th Oct
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Bigil trailer shakes Bollywood

October 13, 2019

Other day, the arrival of Superstar Vijay’s latest movie ‘Bigil’ has stunned the who is who of cinema as it portrays a lot of heroic elements, masala stuff and then a message quite seamlessly intertwined with each other. That’s the reason the trailer got appreciation from all quarters.

Showers of appreciations have come all quarters for Bigil and the two of Bollywood’s biggest celebs also showered their love. Firstly we have Superstar Shahrukh Khan, who is going through a rough patch in his career now, tweeting about the trailer. “Wish my friends Atlee, Vijay and AR Rahman all the best for this one. Like a Chake De On steroids!!”, tweeted SRK. Of course, the film has huge feel of Chak De, but on a different high, and that is what the star hero summarised in his tweet.

“What an outstanding trailer this is Atlee!!!!!! Has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it!!!!! It’s going to MASSIVE!!!! Big congratulations to Thalapathy Vijay and the team!!!”, tweets star director and producer Karan Johar, who got fascinated by Bigil’s trailer.

Will this Bollywood fraternity now picks Bigil for a remake or will they release it there, like how they are doing with Telugu films now? Their love on Bigil trailer indicates that something is coming.