Why Sudden Focus On Charan’s Cars And House?

For reasons better known to them, suddenly Bollywood media houses focus on different things related to South superstars. And now, they have come up with the ‘ridiculous’ things Mega hero Ram Charan owns. One wonders why this now.

Apparently, the news piece mentioned that Charan’s net worth is 1300+ crores now including his cars, properties and also his stake in Apollo Hospitals. The report mentioned about Charan’s five luxury cars including his Ashton Martin and then rated his new house being built by Upasana as a 38 crore worth property. What’s the truth in it?

Coming to cars, we all know that Charan hasn’t purchased that Aston Martin but it is a gift from Upasana’s family. And then, that house is something being built from a long time and there is no clarity over it. Coming to a stake in Apollo, that sounds absolutely absurd because Upasana has a stake there but not Charan.

But suddenly, it looks like more than a Forbes Magazine, cinema editions of news dailies started loving the wealth and assets of south starts. We have to see who is their next target.

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