Sr Director Asked TV Actress To Massage Him

#MeToo movement is not just talking about things that happened a decade ago, but here comes an actress and model who lodged a police complaint about the kind of sexual harassment she has a few months ago.

Legendary director Subhash Ghai, known for films like Taal, is now facing the music. A TV serial actress, Kate Sharma, has now accused that he asked her to massage one day in front of his friends. As he happens to be launching her on the silver screen in his next film, the actress obliged to massage, but later he’s said to have started touching her private parts inappropriately.

In her complaint to police, Kate Sharma also alleged that Subhash Ghai threatened to cancel her launch if she refuses to stay with him for a night. Before Kate Sharma, another actress alleged that Ghai has allegedly spiked her drink and assaulted her sexually.

Responding on these allegations, the legendary director stated that he’s a huge supporter of #MeToo movement and regarding the police complaint he exuded confidence that his lawyers will take care.

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