My Son Is The Best: TDP MP

Senior Politicians have been lobbying heavily to obtain MLA or MP Tickets for their Political Successors. Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh is very particular about his Son TG Bharath contesting from Kurnool Assembly Constituency.

In 2014 Polls, YCP Candidate SV Mohan Reddy defeated TDP Candidate TG Venkatesh in Kurnool Assembly Constituency. He, however, defected to the Ruling Party few years ago. What about the future of SV Mohan Reddy if TG Bharath gets the MLA Ticket?

During his recent Kurnool tour, Nara Lokesh declared Sitting MPs and MLAs will be offered tickets in Kurnool District. Then, TG Venkatesh dared to question what Lokesh knows about politics. Still, Chandrababu Naidu remained mum on this matter.

And now, TG Venkatesh is doing everything possible to stay in the good books of Chandrababu Naidu. He told TDP formed alliance with BJP only in the best interest of AP, but broke the ties due to injustice. He also declared only winning horses will receive tickets in the upcoming elections. ‘My Son TG Bharath has got good winning chances. He will be the TDP Candidate for Kurnool Constituency,’ announced the MP.

TG said Chandrababu Naidu will take all the decisions in the best interest of the state. Will CBN fall for such sugar-coated statements?

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