Sita: What Will Happen in Last 30 Min?

Bellamkonda Srinivas’ collaboration with director Teja had surprised many. One is a commercial actor and the second is a critical director. Especially, this is Teja’s immediate film after his comeback and successful film Nene Raju Nene Mantri. Teja has roped in Kajal for this film and it added to the buzz. As Sita is all set to hit the screens on May 24, just a day after the election results heat, Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas gets talking about the film and more.

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas shares, “Teja garu had narrated me and my dad two stories. Sita was the first story. My dad had liked the second story. But I liked Sita more since I’ve a challenging role in the film. My dad usually likes commercial and action films. Whereas I wanted to prove myself as an actor. For me, the story of Sita struck my chord. That’s how Sita began. The very first scene he had shot on me has a huge and lengthy dialogue. Everyone on the sets, including Teja garu wasn’t sure about me delivering such a lengthy dialogue. I went inside my caravan and prepared. I came out and I delivered much to the surprise of Teja garu who said I could now pull of the role. Teja garu said he had thought that I would take more time to get into the role, but he was happy that I did in very less time.”

Giving a peep into his role, Sreenivas says, “My character in the film is very new and first of its kind for me. It has several variations. It is an innocent character, but it also has several layers, emotions to portray.”

Ask him about the talk that he will make audiences cry in last 30 minutes. Sreenivas responds and elaborates, “First 2 hours, there will be good laughs. There are funny scenes involving my innocence. But last 30 minutes will be very emotional. It has emotional climax. What happens in the climax, should be seen on the screen. Don’t miss Sita’s climax.”

Sreenivas gets excited about the Cambodia schedule. “The film was shot in Cambodia. Sita was the first film to shot there. I was surprised to see the significance of our culture, history in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple which was spread in 4000 acres. Hollywood film Tomb Raider had got permission to shoot there and Sita was the next motion picture to get permission to shoot there.”

Sreenivas is hopeful that Sita will be a memorable film in his career and the role he would cherish for the rest of his acting career.

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