SITA Trailer: Familiar Setting, Interesting Characters

Teja’s upcoming film SITA has interesting lead characters in a familiar setting. Contract marriage seems to be the theme with a villain modeled after Ravana.

Here Rama (Bellamkonda Srinivas) is an innocent yet a strong guy, while Sita (Kajal) is a selfish and arrogant lady.

Ravana (Sonu Sood) comes to take away SITA either hook or by crook. Teja has given away the plot of SITA in the trailer by showing key scenes and dialogues. However, ot still intrigues the viewers to know the complete story of it.

Kajal seems to have gotten an author backed role while Bellamkomda looks different from his previous films. We have to wair for the full feature to see if he has pulled it or not.

Sonu Sood is good as the bad guy and dialogues are raw and striking compared to other mainstream movies.

SITA promises to be a contemporary film with regular themes and setting.

Has Teja delivered another mass entertainer like Nene Raju Nene Mantri? We will know it on May 24. The film is bankrolled by AK Entertainments.

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Evaru Review: Sabhash Sesh!

August 15, 2019

Evaru is a remake of Spanish film Contratiempo which was recently remade in Hindi as Badla. Although the main plot remains the same, Evaru has a different screenplay compared to the original.

What is it about?

Sameera (Regina) is facing murder charges for killing Ashok (Naveen Chandra). A corrupt cop Vikram Vasudev (Sesh) takes up her case and tries to cover up the loopholes by getting into the details of it.


Sesh is impressive as the corrupt cop. He gives a new spin to the protagonist of the original and it is delightful to watch. Regina is a very good performer and she rarely got to play characters that truly tested her potential. Naveen Chandra is good as a cop that has temperamental issues. Murali Sharma is good in one of the key characters.


Venkat Ramji has a solid source material to deal with which made his job easy. His direction is deft and keeps the audiences invested in the story. Screenplay changes that he made to the original film are impressive.

Music by Sri Charan is captivating. Dialogues have gone overboard at times. Cinematography is neat and production design is adequate. Production values are okay.

Thumbs Up:


Suspense Element

Climax Twist

Thumbs Down:

Too verbose at times

Middle Portions lose grip


Contratiempo is a very famous Spanish film that is popular with anybody who has access to the movie streaming platforms. Additionally, it was remade in Hindi as Badla, which was a runaway blockbuster. Therefore, remaking the original by staying faithful to it may not yield desired results. Hence, Sesh and Ramji have altered the screenplay by keeping all the key twists and turns in the original screenplay intact. This approach gives a new look and feel to the same story, which may not seem too familiar to the audience that have already watched the original or remakes.

It is quite a risky task to alter an acclaimed film’s screenplay as it could spoil the output. But Team Evaru took a chance and made some intelligent changes to the narrative that almost delivers the twists as effective as its original. The original plot was too complex and too hard to believe even though it offers ultimate entertainment. The changes made to this script simplifies many complicated things and also makes the final twist more plausible than the original.

However, they tried to too hard to give more excitement than the original film by throwing in many twists. The film would have been the same even if they had done away with a couple of twists. Evaru will be a thrilling experience to those who haven’t seen the original and even the audience that are aware of the story wouldn’t complain much to watch it again. Films like these have limited appeal, which may limit its commercial reach. Nevertheless, Evaru will keep the impressive track record of Sesh intact for sure.

Verdict: Sabhash Sesh!