SITA Trailer: Familiar Setting, Interesting Characters

Teja’s upcoming film SITA has interesting lead characters in a familiar setting. Contract marriage seems to be the theme with a villain modeled after Ravana.

Here Rama (Bellamkonda Srinivas) is an innocent yet a strong guy, while Sita (Kajal) is a selfish and arrogant lady.

Ravana (Sonu Sood) comes to take away SITA either hook or by crook. Teja has given away the plot of SITA in the trailer by showing key scenes and dialogues. However, ot still intrigues the viewers to know the complete story of it.

Kajal seems to have gotten an author backed role while Bellamkomda looks different from his previous films. We have to wair for the full feature to see if he has pulled it or not.

Sonu Sood is good as the bad guy and dialogues are raw and striking compared to other mainstream movies.

SITA promises to be a contemporary film with regular themes and setting.

Has Teja delivered another mass entertainer like Nene Raju Nene Mantri? We will know it on May 24. The film is bankrolled by AK Entertainments.

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Bellamkonda Says He Is Next To Allu Arjun

May 23, 2019

‘Millions of people watch Bunny’s films and then my films in the Hindi region. That’s the reason my latest film is Rakshasudu will be taking some more time’ says hero Bellamkonda Srinivas, who claimed that he is actually making some extra efforts to make sure that his upcoming film appeal to Hindi folks.

Bellamkonda’s latest film Sita is hitting cinemas the day after tomorrow and while sharing thoughts about that film, he added that he has a good market in Hindi now regarding which he is keeping Hindi audience in mind while doing films. One wonders if this hero is first keeping Telugu audiences in mind or not if they have to go by this statement.

While the YouTube views of the dubbed version of Kavacham are surely mind-boggling, that doesn’t mean all those viewers are actually potential audiences. Probably its high time that Bellamkonda to think about how to make his films work here because his film’s distributors have lost crores of rupees in Tollywood.

And then, saying that he’s next to Allu Arjun in Hindi market is a funny statement, because Allu Arjun himself never gave such a statement. Only films with fights and songs do well there, and such masala films from all the tinsel towns are doing good these days in Rajasthan and Bihar.