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Prabhas’ Shocking Counter To Media On Rumours

August 16, 2019

Prabhas and Anushka Shetty are one of the favourite on-screen couples for movie lovers. Especially, post Baahubali films, the couple have become famous across the country and rumours about their “relationship” became talking point every now and then. While Anushka Shetty is not part of Saaho, still, rumours are afloat about Prabhas and Anushka. In fact, Prabhas had openly denied rumours about his relationship with Anushka and condemned the reports of their marriage. Prabhas had maintained that Anushka is a good friend.

Even after so much clarification on so many times, still, the popular perception among a section of people and media is that the duo is seeing each other. A section of English media has went onto write that Prabhas and Anushka are going to marry soon and they are scouting for a house in Mumbai.

Cut to the present, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor and the whole team of Saaho are promoting the film ahead of its release on 30th August. When an English media questioned Prabhas about his relationship with Anushka , Prabhas reply was shocking and come as a counter to media.

Prabhas reiterated that Anushka and him are just good friends. “If there is any special relation between Anushka and me other than friendship, it would have been different. In last two years, did anyone see Anushka and me together? Did anyone spot us together somewhere? Even in Karan Johar show when I was questioned about it, Rajamouli and Rana had clarified it. I didn’t make them say so. They have told it honestly. So there is nothing between us and we are just good friends.”