Sakshi and TV9 fought on road

It is well now that media houses Sakshi and TV9 are at loggerheads. Taking this advantage Sakshi TV gave a full coverage of yesterday’s sensational episode which is allegations against TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash.

Sakshi reporter and cameraman reached TV9 office and started their live streaming from there. However, followers of Ravi Prakash who noticed this, objected Sakshi’s reporting and at one moment, they asked Sakshi reporter to leave the place. Ignoring this, Sakshi men continued their live reporting. The situation turned tense in few minutes as Ravi Prakash followers tried to snatch the camera and pushed the reporter. Ravi Prakash men even threatened Sakshi’s reporter and said Jagan’s media has no right.

But as the situation was running out of hand, other media men stepped into the scene. They tried to pacify both Ravi Prakash followers and Sakshi reporter. Looks like Sakshi was thoroughly satisfied with TV9 being in bad books.

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