Saakshyam Got Huge Deal In Hindi!

Call it a huge surprise. Bellamkonda Sreenivas’ ongoing film Saakshyam directed by Sriwass has earned a staggering Rs 8 Crore from its Hindi satellite rights.

Of late, the Hindi satellite rights for Telugu films have got huge demand. In addition to it, action films have great demand. Since Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Sriwass’ Saakshyam has Peter Hein as the action director, the film’s Hindi TV rights fetched 8 Crore.

This is a fancy deal. While Sreenivas’ last film directed by Boyapati Sreenu Jai Janaki Nayaka reportedly raked in 7.5 Crore from its Hindi TV rights, his latest Saakshaym got a notch higher as it touched 8 Crore mark.

Producer Abhishek, who scored success with Keshava, is now laughing all the way to bank by pocketing 8 Crore from the Hindi TV rights of Saakshyam.

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