Ram Gaining Market in Hindi?

After Ravi Teja, it is Ram who is creating a market for his movies in Hindi satellite and digital segment.

Ravi Teja commands nearly Rs 20 Cr business from Hindi dubbing satellite and digital rights.

This is the reason why producers are making movies with Ravi Teja despite his track record is not good at the box-office these days. He will now be facing competition from Ram.

Among the medium range Telugu stars, Ram is also slowly gaining craze in Hindi dubbing market.

His “Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi” was recently dubbed into Hindi as “No.1 Dilwale” and it has created in views on Youtube. The film has become officially the fastest Hindi dubbed movie getting 30 million views.

The Hindi audiences prefer mass movies. Ram being energetic star he may grab Ravi Teja’s market very soon.

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