Ram Charan Ignored Boyapati Or Forgot Him?

Mega hero Ram Charan’s powerful letter to his fans is winning accolades from all quarters. He has not only accepted that Vinaya Vidheya Rama is a flop film, but also acknowledged that all the technicians have put in terrific efforts to make it a workable project.

Though we call all the people other than actors working on a film as ‘technicians’, we specifically mention a director, because he is captain of the total cast and crew. One wonders what made Charan ignore his director. Some say that the mega hero believed hugely in Boyapati, but today the director has broken his trust by delivering a meaningless film that never excited audience. After the film made 30 crores losses, which would have become a 60 crores loss for many other heroes, how come the hero still speaks about his director?

However, sources close to Ram Charan stated that maybe the actor would have ignored Boyapati’s name fearing that his fans will go berserk, as fans are the ones who are super hurt with this director. Now if Charan praises his director also, then they might get hurt more.

Or simply Charan would have forgotten all the names and clubbed them into the term ‘technicians’ and showed his concern toward producer DVV Danayya. Because finally at the end it is the producer (and distributors) who is at more loss than all. Well, hope Boyapati will also send a similar letter to cinema lovers for disappointing them, such that it will clear all the air.

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