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Adivi Sesh’s Evaru Is A Winner All The Way

August 20, 2019

The film that is being talked about by one and all is actor Adivi Sesh and director Ramji’s recent flick Evaru.

Released by US Telugu for the audience in the US, the film has become so much in demand that across the world, shows are being added to keep up with the number of audiences keen to catch the film, a thriller.

While shows have been added across India, even in locations like Australia and Canada alongside the US, audience demand is leading to the addition of several extra shows.

Alongside Adivi Sesh, actors Regina Cassandra and Naveen Chandra are also being appreciated for their performance which can surely be a feather in their cap.

A unanimous hit across territories, Evaru has been certified a hit almost after the first premiere.

US Telugu is proud to have been part of such a new and intriguing film and want audiences to come and experience the excitement in the theatres.