Rahul’s Telugu Speech Wins Hearts

Rahul Gandhi’s brief Telugu speech at Congress Praja Garjana in Kamareddy has won the hearts. Rahul has tactically raised the three fundamental issues that led to Telangana movement – Neellu (Water), Nidhulu (Funds) and Niyamakalu (Jobs). By raking in these three, Rahul questioned the large gathering whether these three fundamental promises in the new Telangana state were fulfilled. Rahul said KCR has failed miserably in fulfilling the promises. He said KCR betrayed the people and hasn’t fulfilled any of his poll promises.

Rahul attacked both KCR and Narendra Modi in his Telangana tour. He said both BJP and TRS are one and the same. He said both KCR government and Narendra Modi government would go this time. He assured the Telangana farmers of Rs 2 Lakh farm loan waiver at one shot as soon as Congress comes to power in Telangana. Rahul exuded confidence that both at Centre and Telangana, Congress would comeback to power.

In his strategic and inclusive speech, Rahul seems to have impressed all sections, all communities and people of all walks of life. By raising the Note Bandi (Demonetisation) and levy of GST, Rahul said how small and medium businesses were highly affected. Rahul raised Rafael deal and attacked PM Modi of cheating, looting people of the country. He said Modi has taken people’s money and given that to his friends and wealthy businessmen referring to Anil Ambani.

Throughout his speech at various public meetings, Rahul has literally swoon the people. Rahul’s improvement is really laudable. He has improved his public speaking skills by bounds and leaps. Overall, Rahul’s Telangana tour became huge success and it gave big boost to Congress cadre in Telangana.

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