Political Mirchi : రాజకీయాలకు రాధా గుడ్ బై చెప్పబోతున్నారా?

Watch Political Mirchi : రాజకీయాలకు రాధా గుడ్ బై చెప్పబోతున్నారా?

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Salman Khan Tweets For Sye Raa

September 19, 2019

Finally, the time has come for mega promotions of Sye Raa to be kicked off in Bollywood. With the trailer of the film creating an amazing response from all the quarters, everyone is looking forward to seeing how the momentum for the October 2nd release picks up.

Here comes the big help to Sye Raa in the form of big superstar Salman Khan tweeting about it. “Wishing Charan and Chiranjeevi all the best for the movie! #Chiranjeevi #RamCharan #SyeRaa”, tweeted Salman, sharing the link of the trailer. This is going to create huge awareness about the film for sure.

The bonding of Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi is known from years as the Hindi superstar always gets a royal welcome and hospitality from mega family whenever he’s in Hyderabad. He did the same for Ram Charan when the latter is in Mumbai earlier. So this promotion of Salman for Sye Raa comes straight from the heart and his fans know that.

On the other hand, Amitabh Bachhan’s tweet for Sye Raa where he said, “A new page in the history of India” is currently going viral everywhere.