Pch!! She Got Just Youtube Interviews

Forget becoming a star heroine, even grabbing good movie offers is not an easy task. Hard work and passion can get one or two projects in the initial days but maintaining that image is not a trick out of the sleeve. Hyderabadi beauty Poonam Kaur who has debuted into the industry years ago became a topic of discussion now.

The actress failed to establish her career in the industry as a heroine and started doing supporting roles. She played notable roles in movies like Souryam, Gaganam, Vinayakudu, Nagavalli, Attack, etc but haven’t carved a niche for herself. Last seen in Trisha’s horror movie Nayaki in 2016, whether Poonam is not getting offers or she is not okaying one is not known.

In the recent times, Poonam became a sensation on social media after she spoke about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. By commenting on Pawan’s anti-fans, and teaching some philosophies on twitter, she’s very much in the news. And with some allegations leveled by a critic, she’s almost a prime-time topic for weeks. If such things happen, naturally our hype loving filmmakers approach such celebs with offers, but it seems like Poonam hasn’t gotten one.

Keep bagging movie offers aside, Poonam hasn’t even got any branding deals as well. All she gained are the interview offers from a couple of small YouTube channels and nothing more. One wonders why, but things are going like that.

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