Pawan Predicted My Success -Renu Desai

Already it is a known thing that former heroine Renu Desai has come up with a book titled “Love Unconditionally” which features the poetry written by her. While the writings have evoked a superb response from literature lovers, many are waiting to see what Pawan Kalyan felt about the book.

Though Renu has recently claimed on social media that the book and her lines are not about Pawan, in a recent interview she shared how her ex-husband felt about these writings. “He even saw my poems and asked me if I’ve written them myself for the kind of vocabulary I’ve used. He liked them immensely and praised the lines” said Renu, while speaking in a TV interview.

Moreover, the actress credited her ex-husband with predicting her success long back. “During the days of Bangaram movie shooting, I’ve written a couple of pieces and showed my ex-husband. Then itself he predicted that I will become a top writer one day for the kind of depth my lines has” she said.

Currently busy with writing another book, Renu Desai wants to start her next film as a director very soon. And a birdie tells us even her present husband is encouraging her to pursue a career as a filmmaker.

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