Pawan Kalyan Contests From Tirupathi?

Inside sources in Jana Sena reveal off the record that Pawan Kalyan may contest from any of the three constituencies- Anantapur, Tirupathi and Palakol. But which one among the three is most suitable and promising for Power Star? Let us see.

Palakol is the constituency which has been the fort of TDP since 1988. It was only in 2009 elections, the power has gone into the hands of Congress candidate Usha Rani. She defeated Chiranjeevi of PRP in the same election and was hailed as giant killer. Palakol, though the home town of mega family, failed to support Chiranjeevi in 2009. The present wave of Jana Sena cannot withstand the power of Nimmala Ramanaidu, the TDP candidate of the constituency. So, contesting from Palakol will be risky for Pawan Kalyan.

Anantapur is the second option that they are looking at. But Prabhakar Chowdary of TDP is very strong here, and the constituency is another strong fort of TDP. The second in the battle who may stand as strong opponent for TDP will be YSRCP candidate but not Janasena. So, Anantapur cannot be the right choice for Power Star.

Tirupathi is the third in line. It looks a bit favorable and safe bet. Chiranjeevi won from this place in 2009 elections. There may not be any notable obstacle for PK to contest from this constituency until and unless, TDP and YSRCP field strong and popular candidates.

It is needless to say that Pawan Kalyan needs to contest in this election to boost up the morale of Jana Sainiks. He cannot step back from contesting. Victory or defeat, he should take a bold step at least to print positive impression among the voters. Let us see what Power Star does.

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