Oakland temple opens to public tour || Bay Area

Watch Oakland temple opens to public tour || Bay Area

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Bookings Are Dead Weak For Seetha!

May 23, 2019

Seetha is all set to hit the marquee on this Friday. The film has been making buzz across social media platforms with trending promos and other stuff.

However, the buzz is not reflecting on its pre bookings. Sita has been receiving lukewarm response on online ticketing websites.

The film is just a day away from hitting the screens and the bookings aren’t encouraging as of now.

People are entirely focused upon the election results tomorrow and in no mood for other sources of entertainment. Perhaps Sita would pick up from tomorrow evening after the results are out.

Seetha was supposed to release in April, but it was pushed to May 24 due to reshoots and delays. Looks like, they have opted for a date that is not so fruitful for openings.

Bellamkonda Srinivas’s recent track record also must be the reason for Seetha’s weak bookings.

Neither Kajal’s presence nor Teja’s brand seems to be working in its favor at the moment.