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Is Suriya Underestimating Saaho?

March 19, 2019

Tamil Producers in unity fought with DSPs last year and for 45 days shut down all the releases. This made them cramp up all the scheduled films to release and we see multiple releases every Friday, in Tamil.The big stars who normally try to give space to other hero films are also getting ready for clashes as single or solo release for a festival date is becoming increasingly difficult.

We saw Ajith’s Viswasam and Rajnikanth’s Petta fighting it out for Pongal. Both turned out to be good grossers while Viswasam turned out to be biggest hit in Tamil Nadu.Suriya seems to be taking an inspiration from this and he is planning to release Kaappan, his film after NGK, in the direction of KV Anand with Mohan Lal and Arya, on the same date as Saaho.

He is releasing his movie on 15th August. He confirmed this at a recent press event and said that NGK will come in May, most likely.Prabhas after Baahubali films is a big star in India and his immediate next big action flick is Saaho. It will have tremendous amount of craze all over the Nation including, Tamil Nadu.

Well, Rajnikanth and Ajith chose a lucrative festival like Sankranthi which can contain two big films. But 15th August weekend is not that big. Is Suriya underestimating Saaho or Over-estimating his film?