Why did Naidu bow before people?

While campaigning during the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh on April 11, Telugu Desam Party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu had displayed unusual postures to seek people’s votes.

After completing his speech at every road show, Naidu was found bending and bowing his head completely before the people. In fact, it was never ever his style. Such a gesture indicated how desperate Naidu was to come to power again.

On Saturday, Naidu gave an explanation on his unusual posture.

He said he had for the first time bowed before people only appeal to them them to save AP from the conspiracy hatched by the BJP government at the Centre with the help of Telangana Rashtra Samithi and YSR Congress party.

Naidu said his appeal had brought about a perceptible change in the people which was evident from their participation in large numbers in exercising their franchise.

The TDP chief also claimed that he had seen similar change in the people’s attitude across the country. He said the people were vexed with the hyped Gujarat formula of Narendra Modi and they had decided to defeat the saffron party.

“It is this fear that has been haunting the Prime Minister and the frustration was manifesting in the form of resorting to degraded politics and calling the dead as Brashtachari No 1,” he said.

He said indications were that the verdict would be fractured one and regional parties would play a key role in forming the next government.

Naidu stated that the downfall of the Modi government began from the day he started ignoring Andhra Pradesh and the way he went on hatching conspiracy after conspiracy to stifle the administration in the state by brining all important projects like Polavaram to a grinding halt.

This time, after coming back to power, Naidu said that he would pick up one assembly constituency under the Lok Sabha constituency and would convert it into a model constituency.

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