Mega Hero With Foreign Girl In Mumbai!

Long back mega hero Sai Dharam Tej himself revealed that he is ‘single’ and asked his heroine for a date, regarding which she said NO. But things got changed now it looks like.

Back then during the filming of ‘Tikka’ movie where Brazillian beauty Larissa Bonesi is the lead girl, the mega hero is said to have asked her on a date for which she said she already has a boyfriend. Later, Larissa hasn’t got any big offers from filmdom, and recently she appeared in Sandeep Kishan and Tamanna’s ‘Next Enti?’ which bombed at the box office.

Since then, Larissa is staying in Mumbai only, exploring other modeling opportunities. And then, it looks like she has finally agreed to go on a date with Sai Dharam as well. Other day she took to Twitter to share a photographer where the mega hero posed in a rather hidden way. It takes nothing to guess him, but actually, the question is why he met her?

The industry is now buzzing, whether they are just good friends, or they went on a first date?

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