Mamata vs Centre: Why KCR Is Silent?

Launching a trenchant attack on Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Congress leader Vijayashanti today question about KCR’s silence over not reaching out to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamatha Banerjee. Questioning his intent and credibility of Federal Front, she said:”Where is KCR’s spirit of supporting regional parties now? Where is his idea of Federal Front now? Why isn’t he reaching out to Mamatha Banerjee at a time when she is facing trouble caused by the BJP government in her state?” she asked, speaking to reporters today.

Not stopping at that, Vijayashanti said that this silence and unresponsive attitude of KCR is a clear testimony to TRS’ support for the Bharatiya Janata Party. “If he was so concerned about other regional allies to make Federal Front a reality, he would have responded today. He is quiet because he supports the BJP. Wasn’t he the one who went running to Kolkata seeking TMC’s help for Federal Front? Now, where is this spirit of cooperative federalism where he wants regional parties to play a crucial role?,” she said, demanding an explanation from the TRS High Command.

The Congress leader was responding to the face-off between the CBI and West Bengal government when CBI officers on Sunday landed at the Kolkata Police chief’s residence to arrest him in relation to the Chit fund scams in the state. The CBI claimed it had evidence against the Kolkata Police commissioner. However, CBI officers were prevented from entering the top cop’s residence and were detained. This set off the battle between the CBI and Mamatha where she began a dharna and called it “Satyagraha” protesting the high-handed behavior of the BJP government in mussing democratic institutions for political vendetta.

Meanwhile, Vijayashanti alleged that TRS won due to tampering of EVMs and everyone in this state is aware of that. “There is no doubt over this, whatsoever. Everyone denies this in public, but in their heart, they know it is true. Now, the Chief Minister has time to perform Yagnas at his farm house and spend days in his farm house, but he has no time to respond on issues which are threatening the stability of state governments. The BJP wants to impose President’s rule in West Bengal just like it fiddled with Tamil Nadu and we will not accept this behavior from the NDA government,” she added.

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