Mahesh Kathi On MP Ticket From Chittoor?

This is one surprising news that is surfacing. As per hearsay, Mahesh Kathi, the controversial critic, and political activist is keen on contesting MP election from Chittoor on behalf of YSRCP. Sources say that Mahesh is projecting his confidence of winning the election but the party high command is still skeptical considering his financial background. But, the constituency being SC reserved, the requirement of funds will be relatively less, as per some political analysts. While it is sitting MP Shiva Prasad from TDP who may contest from this place again, YSRCP is still in quest of the right candidate.

Grapevine says that some key leaders in YSRCP are seriously considering Mahesh Kathi on the grounds that he can voice out his opinions so strongly accompanied with constitutional and legal knowledge. Some businessmen and leaders are also trying to convince high command by assuring financial support to this candidate. If everything goes well, Mahesh Kathi will start to become an active politician.

On the other hand, there are assumptions that Chinta Mohan, the Congress candidate may jump into YSRCP shortly. If that happens, he will become a competitor for Mahesh Kathi owing to his experience and hold on the constituency. But so far, he didn’t get any invitation from YSRCP high command, as per the sources.

It cannot be forgotten at this juncture that Mahesh Kathi became more popular with his continuous verbal fight with Pawan Kalyan fans for weeks together. He was recently externed by the Telangana police for a period of six months followed by his comments on Hindu God Ram. He is now back in Hyderabad and appearing in TV debates as usual.

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