Lyric Writer Unhappy With Tollywood Sexual Harassment Panel

Telugu Film Industry was earlier advised during Sri Reddy times that they will constitute a panel to take care of Casting Couch related issues. And now that #MeToo is taking the whole world by a storm, they have come up with PASH, the Panel Against Sexual Harassment.

While Film Chamber felt proud in setting up this panel with the likes of some known lady actors, directors and others being the members, here is a lyric writer who is pretty unhappy with it.

This particular lady lyric writer has earlier openly stated about a ‘lady’ who has forced her to go to a special party with a hero to Goa. The lyric writer revealed with pain that Casting Couch is something done not just by men, but there are also women who force other women and she herself is a victim. Guess what, the ‘lady’ who was hinted by this lyric writer is now a member of that PASH setup by Film Chamber.

This is more like giving keys to the thief, some people who know about this lady writer commented.

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