Lakshmi Stores Daily Serial – 18th March

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Channel:Gemini TV

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Lakshmi Stores Daily Serial

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E26 – Part1 : Part2 – 18th March

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Recent Random Post:

Senior Actor is in Relation with Two Actresses!

March 16, 2019

He is a senior actor with multiple weddings. The actor with many assets in Hyderabad and in other places has always been known as lady’s man.

He is in late 50’s and he is still attracting women. No wonder then that he has been branded as ‘Uncle Casanova’ in Tollywood.

This senior actor who recently made lot of hue and cry in media over an issue is said to be in relationship with a senior actress who is in her late 40’s.

She plays the roles of mother to all young heroes. This beautiful character artiste is said to be regularly staying in this Uncle Casanova’s residence whenever she shoots in Hyderabad.

Furthermore, another actress who also plays mother roles also stays in his residence when she lands in Hyderabad. So, this much-married man is maintaining good relations with these two senior actresses.

Interestingly, this gossip has also been carried by a leading English newspaper but the senior actor is keeping mom on this matter.