Lakku Kikku Show – E 30 – 26th April with Movie Villains

Lakku Kikku Show – E 30 – 26th April with Movie Villains

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I’m Not Done Yet – A Satire On Mahesh?

September 13, 2019

At a time when mega fans and Mahesh’s fans are quite happy with each other after Megastar and Superstar appeared in the same frame, here comes a small disturbance that has happened very recently.

After Mahesh Babu and Chiranjeevi appeared together with the Megastar warmly holding Superstar’s hand, and later Mahesh heaping praises on Sye Raa teaser, there seem to be a new level of bonding happening between fans of the two stars. Earlier when Charan and Mahesh camped together, a similar thing happened. But then came Valmiki trailer, giving a sort of a shocker.

Inside the trailer of the film, one could notice that the role played by Brahmaji repeatedly says the dialogue ‘I’m not done yet’ in a comedy scene. This dialogue happens to be that of Mahesh Babu from iconic one-liner from Bharat Anu Nenu’s press-meet scene. And now, ‘stickers’ of the same dialogue that could be used in Facebook and Whatsapp chat rooms are released. They feature Brahmaji’s funny face as well in the sticker.

One wonders if director Haris Shankar made any satire on Mahesh, but the dialogue and stickers are going viral now escalating unnecessary fan wars. Earlier in Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar has put satires on Rajaeskahr and Jeevitha through Pawan Kalyan and Ali’s characters. Going by that track record, one has to worry now.