Krish Helping ‘Manikarnika’ Quite Seriously

After the release of ‘Manikarnika’ movie, director Krish gave an interview to a Bollywood media house where he blasted Kangana Ranaut for claiming directorial credits. And guess what, this is the whole hook point that ‘Manikarnika’ campaign is now running on.

While openings of Manikarnika may be high, but the film is not doing well at the box office as it was supposed to do. Then we have some media houses everyday writing something or the other about Manikarnika movie. And most of the time, that is either Krish’s tweets on Kangana, Rangoli Chandel’s tweets on Krish or someone from the unit reacting either in favour of Krish or Kangana.

Looks like the whole controversy is actually a conspiracy to promote the film. More than directing the movie, Krish is helping Manikarnika big time in terms of promoting it as Kangana is happily taking rest in Switzerland where she is playing snow games.

Otherwise, there is no point in keeping the Krish-Kangana flame alive and busy, when every party involved in the war left to their work; Krish is busy with NTR shoot and Kangana is holidaying in Swiss Alps.

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