Kidari Sravan Kumar To Resign As AP Cabinet Minister

Watch Kidari Sravan Kumar To Resign As AP Cabinet Minister

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Buzz: Black Money Producer Back With A Bang

July 12, 2019

Earlier there were many rumours surrounding this producer, saying that he’s the one who brings black money from outside and converts into white through the production of films. No matter how many films of him flopped, he keeps on producing movies, and that’s where doubts are occurring.

Then after the death of a particular don, he has gone silent, without even producing a single film for a couple of years. But he made his comeback recently, thanks to his proximity with a star who has a politicial background. Whether the star knows about this guy’s background is not sure to anyone, he made use of that connect to work things.

And now, he made a couple of films that didn’t work at the box office, but he’s busy with three more films, of which one happens to be a biggie. Telugu industry is right now worried as to where he’s getting the investments from, as it is tough to believe that he is taking loans to produce these flop movies.