KCR’s mind blocked after Stalin meeting!

DMK chief M K Stalin did a Mahesh Babu in “Pokiri” to TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, when the latter met him in Chennai on Monday to invite Stalin to join his Federal Front.

In Pokiri, superstar Mahesh Babu blocks the mind of villains with his powerful punches on their head.

In the same way, Stalin blocked KCR’s mind by asking him to join Congress-led UPA instead of making futile attempts to forge his Federal Front.

Leaders present in the KCR-Stalin meeting revealed that Stalin’s comments left KCR shell shocked for a while and KCR could not even utter a single word for few minutes unable to recover from the punch delivered by Stalin.

It took some time for KCR to recover, who left Stalin’s house in a huff later without speaking to media present there.

When KCR met Stalin last year in April 2018, both the leaders addressed the media jointly after the meeting.

KCR was supposed to visit Puducherry after meeting Stalin. But KCR flew straight to Hyderabad and left to Pragathi Bhavan after his mind was blocked by Stalin.

Upset and angered at Stalin, KCR reportedly cancelled all his plans to visit other states before Lok Sabha results on May 23 to forge Federal Front.

KCR realised that he does not have the capacity to influence leaders of other parties and make them join his Federal Front, which remained a non-starter even after one year.

KCR wants to make another attempt on forging Federal Front after Lok Sabha results on May 23.

But who will listen to KCR then?

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