Kathalo Rajakumari Daily Serial – E363 – 24th May

Show/Serial:Kathalo Rajakumari
Channel:Maa TV

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Serial Plot:
Due to certain circumstances , Avani a maid marries to akshay, the singapore return son of radhakrishna . Her problems increase as she struggles to become a deserving daughter-in-law. Pavani instigates Swarna and Mitra to seek revenge against Akshay. Later, Akshay tries to trace Pardhu.Akshay asks Subhadra to prove her innocence. Later, Hasini asks Subhadra to gather proof against Pavani.Pavani ploys against Subhadra to seek revenge from her. On learning that, Akshay assures Subhadra of helping her to prove her innocence.

Kathalo Rajakumari

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Latest Episode:

E363 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 24th May

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Recent Random Post:

Two Key Dates Fixed For #Mahesh26

May 24, 2019

In the name of #CelebratingMaharshi, currently, Superstar Mahesh and his family are enjoying their holiday in Europe as they are likely to hop in a couple of countries before coming to the UK for a great retreat. And then, the actor’s new film works will be started in the meanwhile.

As Mahesh already confirmed it, director Anil Ravipudi will be directing his 26th film, and that is going to be a laugh riot. The latest update is that the film will be formally launched on May 31st in Hyderabad through a pooja ceremony. As usual, Mahesh will stick to the sentiment of not attending the opening ceremony of his films.

And then, Mahesh and his family are likely to finish their holiday after watching a couple of World Cup matches of India before returning from the United Kingdom. If at all India goes to the semi finals and finals, they will be watching all the matches there. That is why giving another two months time, we hear that #Mahesh26 regular shooting will start from July 26th.

That gives ample time for Anil Ravipudi to keep his film with Mahesh in the Sankranthi 2020 race.