Kanchanamala Daily Serial – E18 – 25th May

Show/Serial:Kanchanamala Daily Serial
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Kanchanamala Daily Serial

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E18 : Part1 : Part2 : Part3-25th May

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Pic Talk: Rakul In Unzipped Pants

May 24, 2019

Known for her sexy and voluptuous curves, Rakul Preet Singh’s latest picture is very bold. The actress is seen in unbuttoned and unzipped jeans, sitting all confident. This hot pic is now viral on the internet and she absolutely pulled it off with style.

Her relaxed fashion look has some revealed skin show and Rakul accessorized the jeans with a blue semi-through lace top. Her hazel-coloured hair highlights are a big plus, complimenting her skin tone. The actress who has lost oodles of weight is now looking very fit and lean.

This super hot denim picture is making us go gaga over her limitless beauty and she is virtually melting our minds. Rakul is also known for her beautiful fashion sense and thanks to her stylist, the five feet eight inches beauty is drawing our major attention with this new hot photoshoot.