Why Kalyan Ram Deserves A Hit With 118?

Kalyan Ram! And the name doesn’t ring any big films or milestones in the Telugu film industry, but surely he is known for his big heart. For his cool-headedness to the ability to withstand for years patiently such that he could score a hit, for his caring towards cinema, he is always well known. And most importantly, for this.

There are those egoistic heroes who refuse to share dias with other stars, and there are those who don’t even mingle with their family members. But Kalyan Ram always turns that anchor point who will bring even the likes of NTR and Balayya who are at loggerheads for years. But why should he get a ‘success’ for all these non-filmy reasons?

Cut to films, Kalyan Ram always tried some new stuff though he has chosen bad content many times. But if guys who are highly passionate like him get success, then they are likely to make more films. Only if they make more films, there will be more work for the film industry folks and all other dependent industries. So, Kalyan Ram needs a hit.

At the same time, this particular film 118 is sounding something different with Kalyan Ram reinventing his style, looks and mannerisms to a new again. And if he scores big now, his confident will boost the passion of many filmmakers. Dot.

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