KA Paul’s Comedy Offer To Pawan Kalyan

Former evangelist and Praja Shanti Party founder KA Paul, who is desperate for alliances, has made an open offer to Janasena president Pawan Kalyan. KA Paul said he is ready to give as many seats as Pawan Kalyan wants. But KA Paul’s condition is what is shocking many. He said he will offer as many MLA seats to Pawan’s party but he said he wants Pawan to support him for the Chief Minister.

While Pawan Kalyan himself wanting to become Chief Minister, the moot question is why will Pawan support KA Paul as the CM. What is further irony is if KA Paul gives majority seats to Pawan’s party, then Pawan indeed will become the CM even if they win those contested seats.

This is indeed evoking laughs. Interestingly, KA Paul warned Pawan Kalyan that the latter cannot win single seat if he contests alone. He said Pawan would get only 5 percent of votes across the state. KA Paul’s comedy offer to Pawan has become a butt of a joke.

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