Jagan Upset With Pawan: Patch-Up Bid Failed?

The attempts to bring about a patch-up between YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan seem to have failed, mainly due to self-aggrandisement behaviour of the latter.

Apparently, Pawan was carried away by the massive crowds mobilised for his Kavathu on Dowleshwaram barrage on Monday.

He has become so overconfident that he would definitely become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in the next elections, as was evident from his appeal to the people to raise “CM, CM” slogans.

Naturally, this has angered the YSR Congress party leaders and cadre who have been struggling hard for the last four years to see their boss Jagan in the hot seat.

What has upset them more was the allegations levelled by Pawan against Jagan, without even bothering about the attempts behind the screen to bring YSRC and Jana Sena together.

YSRC spokesman Alla Nani on Wednesday wondered what Pawan was trying to prove with his Jana Sena Kavaathu.

“Instead of attacking the ruling Telugu Desam Party in strongest words for its failure to administer the state, Pawan sought to target the Opposition party,” he said.

Referring to Pawan’s comments attributing factionism to Jagan and his father late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, the YSRC leader said the Jana Sena leader himself spoke like a faction leader.

“People are not able to understand the psychological status of Pawan Kalyan. Does he have any evidences to prove that Jagan was a factionist?,” he asked.

Nani pointed out that YSR and his family had never supported any kind of factionism in Rayalaseema.

“In fact, YSR had allowed his rivals to go scot free though they had killed his father Raja Reddy. The allegations levelled by Pawan against YSR and Jagan were completely baseless. Jagan was implicated falsely in the CBI cases filed by the Congress and the TDP, but not a single case was proved against him,” he pointed out.

The YSRC leader said it was Jagan who had been waging relentless battle for the special category status and there was not a single instance of Pawan pulling up the Centre in this regard.

“Pawan is living in fool’s paradise if he thinks he would get people’s support by criticising Jagan,” he said and warned that people would teach him a fitting lesson to Jana Sena Party chief who was only trying to benefit the TDP indirectly.

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