Hyd Mayor Fined For Wrong Parking

No one is above law. Hyderabad Mayor has been fined for parking his car in the ‘No Parking’. Hyderabad city mayor Bonthu Rammohan is the first citizen of Hyderabad city. He is a rule maker. But he had broken the traffic rule. In a traffic violation, the Mayor’s car had been parked at a ‘No Parking’ area near Inorbit Mall in Madhapur. His Fortuner AP09C 9969 was parked on Thursday afternoon at I-Lab near Inorbit at ‘No Parking’ zone. Despite the sign of ‘No-Parking’, the car was parked.

That’s when a smart citizen had taken a picture and posted the same on Twitter tagging Cyberabad Traffic, Cyberabad Police and Telangana DGP. Taking up the issue, Cyberabad police have forwarded the tweet to its traffic wing. Responding to it, Cyberabad Traffic department has fined Mayor.

Cyberabad Traffic police have thanked the citizens for being responsible and bringing up such issues to their notice. Netizens are heaping praises on Cyberabad Traffic police for fining mayor and proving that no one is above law.

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