Hire A Better Support Team Prabhas

It is already known that Baahubali Prabhas has made his debut on Instagram, and his PR folks have sent the news everywhere as to how the happening star made more than 7 lakh followers in a day. But here is what many netizens are actually thinking about this.

From national media to local media houses, many spoke about this Instagram account, but when people searched for it on the application site, they have to just scratch the heads. Because none mentioned that “@actorprabhas” is the ID they are talking about. Without giving out this ID, how come normal people will know about it?

And secondly, when the likes of Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu made their debuts like this on Twitter and Insta respectively, the speciality of their accounts is that they have a ‘verified tick’ mark. From day without a single follower, they have tick marks to their accounts and Prabhas’ account lacked that.

Many are wondering if the PR team of Prabhas has done only half job and advising the actor to hire some better people.

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