Hero Taraka Ratna’s restaurant demolished by GHMC

Watch Hero Taraka Ratna’s restaurant demolished by GHMC

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Prabhas- You Deserve A Pat On The Back

August 23, 2019

Though Baahuali has done extremely well at Hindi box office, the truth is that the film is limitedly promoted. There are interviews given to National Media but there is no aggressive promotion as the film ran mostly on content, visual effects and Rajamouli’s extraordinary storytelling.

Despite the fact that he has achieved huge stardom after Baahubali, hero Prabhas is not slowing down for Saaho, as he knows the importance of promotions. From giving interviews to almost all the leading critics and media houses of Bollywood, Prabhas is making sure that he will feature in lots of TV shows as well.

After shooting for Nach Baliye, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor went for Kapil Sharma Show as well, and are going to take part in a couple of other popular TV shows also. Prabhas is promoting the film extensively, going all the heights, like how Bollywood’s big stars do.

Rather behaving like a star, Prabhas is treating himself like a newcomer as he promotes the movie everywhere right now in Mumbai. That’s how heroes should work actually and we couldn’t stop praising Prabhas for this. He needs a pat on the back!!